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5 Ways to Attract More Beauty Clients Using Social Media

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to create ads that will encourage followers to sign up to your email list, visit your website, watch a promo video, and more. With just a few bucks a day, you can put your business page in front of thousands of potential clients. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can target your ideal customer base and make sure that only they are seeing your ad. You can focus on a certain zip code, gender, age and income level. The more focused your search is, the more clients you will attract that fit the mold of your ideal customer.

To get started with Facebook Ads, you will need to have a Facebook fan page.

Go to ad creation.
At the Campaign level, choose Traffic as your objective. …
Click Continue. …
Click Next.
At the ad level, Choose Single Image as your ad format and an image for your ad.
In the Pages & Links section, select Turn Off News Feed Ads.

FREE Giveaway

As the saying goes, It Takes Money to Make Money. Organizing contests on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an effective way to generate a lot of interest in your business. By giving away products and services of value, such as a FREE haircut or a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, your followers will have an incentive to give you their email, which you will then use for your email marketing campaign. Most people hate the idea of giving away their email until they have an opportunity to win something.

Think about it, how much is a wash and set or a hair cut to you. For the $20-$30 bucks it will cost you once or twice a month, your email list will be able to communicate with your customer base through email marketing. Nowadays people are only going to visit your website one or twos time and never return. Email marketing is a proven strategy to create an ongoing relationship with your clients and position your business to be superior to your competition.

To get started building your email list you can use MailChimp (Free) or Aweber ($19 a month). Once people are on your list you can send them discounts, weekly offers, news and upcoming events that your beauty business is hosting. Sending out a newsletter once a week or month, is a great way encourage repeat business and gain referrals.

Claim Your Business on Google

When clients move into your neighborhood, the easiest way for them to find your business and decide if you are trustworthy or not is by searching on Google search and Google Maps. Clients are searching for “Barber Shop Near Me”, “Hair Salon in Kingsbridge”, “Natural Hair Salon NYC” and more.

If you have not claimed your business on Google search, you are missing out on a lot business.

To claim your business on Google.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account or create an account for free.
  2. Go to Type in your business name and city and click search.
  3. On the right had side, you will see the Search options. Click on “Maps
  4. Next you will see a map of your location region, with your business listed on the left hand side of the page.
  5. Click on your business name, and a location box will appear on the Map (see below example)
  6. Click on the “More info” in your location box.

Leverage Customer Reviews

Did you know that 81% of all Americans make buying decisions based on social media referrals? What better way to attract a new client than by leverage the social network of your current customers. While customers are still in your shop, have them pull out their smartphone and go to your Facebook fan page. Ask them to post a positive review along with a picture of their new hair style.

When people see that their friend or relative had good experience with your salon, they are more likely to become a client of yours as well. Start getting reviews from as many happy customers as possible to leverage their social network. This tip is the easiest to perform and cost the least. Leaving a review is absolutely FREE and can be fun for the client.

Use Real Pictures on Your Website

Your website should be made with your clients in mind. Your website should exude the feeling that clients get when they are sitting in your chairs. If you cater to a mostly African- American or Latino clientele base, your website should have pictures that reflect this. Using stock images of generic beauty salons and barbers shop will make your website feel less personal. Your clients are not just looking for a hairstyle, they are looking for a place to feel comfortable and to be able to connect with their personal beauty consultant and stylist.

If most of your clients working class individuals do not use images that portray your business as being super high scale. This is actually a good way to turn away customers looking for a local business they can afford and will patronize for a long time.

So stay true to yourself. To get high-quality pictures for your website, hire a photographer to come in and take photos of your shop. This should run your between $200-$500 for a one-time shoot. Although I-phones are able to take quality pictures, not all of the pictures are optimized for website usage. If you have ever noticed pictures that look grainy on a website, its because there are not enough pixels in the picture. Hiring a professional photographer will solve this problem and allow you to focus on hair, instead of pictures.

Do you need help managing your social media accounts?

This guide offers you simple ways to reach more customer using social media. If you would like to focus on your business and let someone else worry about social media marketing go to Uptown Beauty Marketing is a social media and internet marketing agency focused on help hair salons and barber shops in NYC expand their social media presence and attract more clients.  To schedule a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with a representative from Uptown Beauty Marketing Click Here 

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