Monday, November 20

Baby Boomers

Boss of the Week: Tony Berry of Columbus Ohio

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What's Up, Young Boss! This week we highlight Tony Berry of Berry HVAC & Maintenance Inc. in Columbus Ohio. Heating and Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair for 23 years 23 years ago, Tony Berry was a fast food worker at a Wendy's restaurant in Columbus Ohio. During the Clinton administration, federal and state funding made it possible for Tony to return to school and improve his life trajectory. He decided to learn how to repair Heating and Air Conditioning units (HVAC) because it provided the best opportunity for him to make good money and have a steady supply of work. Challenges for a New Business Owner Upon completing the program, Tony was eager to find work but experienced challenges in securing contracts due to his skin color. On one occasion, Tony was tricked into r
Baby Boomers are Starting New Businesses Online

Baby Boomers are Starting New Businesses Online

Baby Boomers, Creative Ways to Make Money is the #1 site for first-generation entrepreneurs looking for real opportunities to earn an income online. Here we focus on the exploding world of Affiliate Marketing and practical ways to build a website that will generate positive cash flow. Baby Boomers are more likely to be first-generation entrepreneurs than millennials. Those who are retired or soon to be retired are looking for ways to stay active, have fun, do something they are passionate about, learn a few new skills, and make some money. Affiliate Marketing is an improved way to advertise products and services by building a website instead of making phone calls or passing out flyers. Automate your Affiliate Marketing Business to Work Without You Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising p

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