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Before you quit your job, do this…

Before you quit your job, do this…

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Whats up Young Boss, Are you ready to break-up with your boss? Are you ready to tell him or her that its over because you're running off to start your own business? If this is you, don't do anything until you watch this interview of Naketa Thigpen on Master Plan. On this episode Naketa discusses how new entrepreneurs struggle in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey because they do not set realistic expectations. Watch this Clip of Nekata. If you like what you learn Please  SUBSCRIBE COMMENT AND SHARE     Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Copyright 2017

Boss of the Week: Tony Berry of Columbus Ohio

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What's Up, Young Boss! This week we highlight Tony Berry of Berry HVAC & Maintenance Inc. in Columbus Ohio. Heating and Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair for 23 years 23 years ago, Tony Berry was a fast food worker at a Wendy's restaurant in Columbus Ohio. During the Clinton administration, federal and state funding made it possible for Tony to return to school and improve his life trajectory. He decided to learn how to repair Heating and Air Conditioning units (HVAC) because it provided the best opportunity for him to make good money and have a steady supply of work. Challenges for a New Business Owner Upon completing the program, Tony was eager to find work but experienced challenges in securing contracts due to his skin color. On one occasion, Tony was tricked into r
Boss of The Week: Coach Dee

Boss of The Week: Coach Dee

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  What's up Young Boss, This week our Boss of the Week is Dawn Ellison aka Coach Dee of Queens, New York. Coach Dee has been designing clothing since 2000. In high school she was a basketball star, but after a serious injury she could no longer work or hoop. Following a suggestion from her mother, Coach Dee decided to turn her love for drawing into a business. Over the past 17 years, Coach Dee has expanded her brand to include Code 31,  and DUMB (Don't Underestimate My Blessings), while remaining active in her community. In Queens, Coach Dee is a basketball coach. Following the passing of her brother, she started the Marc Ellison Basketball Tournament to honor his legacy and commitment to improving the future of the next generation, on and off the court. Lessons From Coa

Boss of the Week: Pimp C

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What's up Young Boss, One of my favorite bosses is the late Pimp C from the rap duo UGK (Underground Kings). Most of his lyrics and wisdom are too explicit to repeat on this website but Pimp C would always advocate for people being true to themselves. He would call out other rappers who were lying about being drug dealers, gangsters, and pimps, just to sell albums. Although he lived a life in the streets, he believed that it was harmful to rap about things that you had never experienced. He knew how detrimental this would be hip hop listeners and to the music industry. Pimp C knew that every lifestyle came with consequences, so if you are rapping about the street life you can't just talk about the money and fame. You must also rap about going to jail, seeing people getting...

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