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What are SEO Keywords and Why are they important?

Building a website is an artform but getting people to visit your website is a science. For most people outside the marketing world, the phrase Search Engine Optimization Keywords might sound like a foreign language but it is a major key to your long-term online success. In short, websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are known as search engines because people come to these sites to search for products, services, and information.

The goal of all online business owners is to have their website show up on the first page of the results when someone searches for a phrase or keyword that is related to their website. For example, if you own a nail salon in South Philadelphia, it would be ideal for your website to be on the first page of Google when someone searches for Nail Salons in Philadelphia, Nail Salons in South Philly, Nail Salons near Philly Airport and so on.

When building your website you will notice a space or tab, usually at the bottom or in the side bar of each page, that says keyword or meta keyword. This is where you will enter all of the keywords and 3-4 word phrases related to your site. Having the right keywords will attract real traffic from people that are actively looking for your business. Do not try to be slick and use random keywords just to get people to visit your site because if they were not looking for your type of business in the first place they will usually click away. Word of advice, focus on the people that are looking for you.

Use the Jaaxy Search bar to find what keyword words are most related to your niche. Jaaxy is a great service that gives you 30 free searches after you create an account. For more information on Jaaxy check out this video by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy Overview Video

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