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How to Make More Money with Social Media Marketing

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Is your business on social media? Are you having a hard time keeping a consistent schedule to make posts, build your following and keep them engaged? If you are having a hard time managing your social media accounts while also running your business, you may want to hire someone to handle your social media pages for you.

In this new era of technology, a new job title has emerged that will handle all of your social media needs. It’s called Social Media Marketing. The role of a social media marketer is to help businesses promote their brand, build their following, and most importantly increase sales.

Before you hire a social media marketer read this

How to increase sales with social media marketing

The power of social media allows a marketer to target your ideal customer base, something print and radio ads of the past were not able to do. If your customer base consists of Asian women, ages 25-33, college educated, living in California, interested in makeup, married, with an annual income at or over 55K, a social media marketer can target this exact demographic and promote your business to them. No other group of people would see this ad, only your target market.

Social media ads have become the most efficient way to reach your customer base and influence them to take action. Large businesses with a big marketing budget have been using social media marketing for a few years, but now small business owners are beginning to understand the importance of their online presence.

Selling products is more important that having followers

When I am approached by small business owners, I can tell if they really understand the power of social media ads by the tasks that they want me to perform. If  a business owner wants me to build a following and respond to comments only, I usually turn down the job. Not only is that a waste of my time, but it’s a waste of their money because it does not ensure that sales are being made.

My goal as a social media marketer is to increase their revenue. I intend to create a system that will increase traffic to their website and drive them to making purchases using customer reviews, calls to action, limited time offers, and more. My goal is to make you, the business owner, more money so that you can pay me more money. This way it is a win-win situation for the business owner and myself.


The reason why I would turn down a job, if it only required making posts and responding to comments, is because this does not require any expertise. It actually takes time away from me building lucrative systems for multiple businesses. Think about it. Would you rather spend your time contacting new businesses and creating unique marketing systems that can run on their own, while you’re expanding your business, taking trips and living your life, or would you rather be responding to comments from trolls and the business owner’s family members? I prefer to spend my time focused on the money, just like you are.

If a business owner would like me to sit on Facebook and Instagram all day, I refer them to a 16-year old high schooler that would easily take $50 a week for the job. The role of a social media marketer is to ensure that you stay in business. So no matter if you are charged a $500 flat-fee or $5000 monthly retainer, the goal is always to increase your bottom line.

Before you hire a social media marketer read this

Monitor the Success of Your Marketing Plan

Bringing a social media marketer on board is an investment that can be monitored. Once you and the marketer create a social media strategy, you can see the analytics of your marketing system at any given time. This way you know exactly what is happening and what needs to be improved. The marketer will be able to provide you with analytics showing you who is responding to promotions, demographics of visitors to your website, which products and services they are looking at, and at what page they leave your website without making a purchase.

It is possible that your social media ads are successful but a bad customer review lingering online from 5 years ago is discouraging customers from making a purchase. Maybe your products are too expensive and a new competitor has emerged to steal your customers. Maybe it’s time to expand to a new customer base. These are all scenarios that your social media marketer should be looking for, on an ongoing basis. The business world is always changing and so should your social media marketing plan.

Do You Need Help with Social Media Marketing?

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Young Boss Economic Club specializes in helping first-generation entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. We focus on small businesses that need help expanding their online presence and increasing company sales within their local market. We work with most budgets but shy away from business owners that do not understand the importance of spending money to make money, which can be a hard lesson to learn for many first-generation entrepreneurs.

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The #1 Site for First-Generation Entrepreneurs


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