Friday, December 15

Writing Content is like Dropping Bread Crumbs

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Did you know that it typically takes a person seeing something 7 times before they make a purchase? Especially if it is something that they are not familiar with. Even when shoppers go to the mall and appear to be buying on impulse, they have probably seen commercials, street advertisements and heard recommendations on what products to buy. By the time they get to the mall, they only have to decide if they have the money to buy it or not. This little fact should motivate you to continue to create content on a daily basis. Make sure that you are sharing it on all of your social media pages also. When you tell your friends about it, don't get emotional if they don't look at your site on the first attempt. It hasn't sunk in yet. Keep telling people about what you are doing and then

Having a Job Just Isn’t Enough

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  Hey, Young Boss! I just got off the phone with a friend that has recently quit his job. I asked what happened and he told me " It wasn't a good fit." I knew exactly what he meant. Let's break down the purpose of a job. A job is the task of building or creating goods or services for a company, that pays the worker a small fee. The company pays for the good or service to be created so that the Company can generate revenue off the sale of the product or service. The revenue made off of the sale of the good or service is at least 3 times a much as the amount paid to the person doing the job. If the company did not make at least 3 times as much from selling the product or service, then it would not be profitable to hire someone to do the job. Does that make sense? In most

Boss of the Week: Pimp C

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What's up Young Boss, One of my favorite bosses is the late Pimp C from the rap duo UGK (Underground Kings). Most of his lyrics and wisdom are too explicit to repeat on this website but Pimp C would always advocate for people being true to themselves. He would call out other rappers who were lying about being drug dealers, gangsters, and pimps, just to sell albums. Although he lived a life in the streets, he believed that it was harmful to rap about things that you had never experienced. He knew how detrimental this would be hip hop listeners and to the music industry. Pimp C knew that every lifestyle came with consequences, so if you are rapping about the street life you can't just talk about the money and fame. You must also rap about going to jail, seeing people getting...

Build an Online Business Around Your Passions

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What are you passionate about? What do you talk to your friends about all day long? Is it make up? Beyonce? Sports? Who's the better emcee, Jay-Z or Lil Wayne? Stocks? Retirement plans? Clothes? Solar Energy? Social Justice issues? Whatever it is you can find an affiliate program that fits within your niche. All you have to do is go to google and type in Your Niche + Affiliate Program   For example, I like playing tennis (enough to create content for it) so I type in Tennis + Affiliate program.  Over 1.8 million results come from this one search and the first 3 pages are all filled with legit affiliate programs. If I wanted to create a website for the tennis niche, I would have a great place to start. Now you try it.  You will be surprised to see how many programs e

Hustle Hard to Live Comfortably

What's Up, Young Boss! Is success only about being materialistic? Over the past 3 years, I have probably watched every motivational speaker on youtube. From selling insurance, building an MLM business to overcoming personal barriers to your success. Most charismatic speakers are usually attractive, dressed very nice,  live in a beach home and drive nice cars. These speakers present a world that everyone has dreamed of, at one point in time. But what if your goal for having your own online business is not buying the latest Lamborghini and being surrounded by super models. Hey if this is your goal, go for it, but I want to be clear that it doesn't have to be. When I organized with the Fight for $15 campaign, I fought for social issues and economic justice on a daily basis. In the tr

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