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Uptown Beauty Marketing Agency

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Uptown Beauty Marketing is our Social Media & Internet Marketing Agency.

We primarily work with hair salons and barber shops in New York City to maximize their social media reach and bring in more clients. We specialize in 3 cost effective marketing tools: Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and Website Optimization. We will create a system for you that will target your ideal customer base and increase your clientele.

 In Today’s World, You Need More than a Website

Businesses can no longer rely solely on their website to bring in new clients. Social media has become a requirement for all businesses looking to attract and engage with their preferred customer base and the thousands of potential clients looking for a reputable place to get their hair done. A decade ago, print and tv ads would promote your business to an un-targeted audience and was unable to offer you the necessary analytics to monitor the success of each ad. By using marketing tools offered on social media, a small business owner now has more cost-effective ways to reach, influence and attract paying clients.

With social media advertisement and email marketing, you can define your customer base,  advertise to them only, and monitor the effectiveness of your ads. Every dollar that you spend on social media will be tracked to help you understand which marketing tool is working and how you can generate the amount of sales that you desire

What Works For One Salon, May Not Work For You

Every business is different and every business needs its own social media marketing plan. Your hair salon or barber shop needs a customized social media marketing plan that fits your current needs, your unique customer base,  and your long-term business goals. Yes! It is important for us to know exactly where you are and where you want to be in order to help you make the most out of social media and attract more beauty clients.

Get Your Social Media Marketing Plan Today

Are you ready to expand your beauty business using social media marketing? The first step is to schedule your FREE 30-minute Consultation with an Uptown Beauty Marketing rep. We assume that you are very busy, so we will send our rep to meet with you, at your business location.  As a result of our meeting, we will conduct a FREE Social Media Audit and recommend a unique Social Media Marketing Plan for your business.

If you decide to hire us, we will not lock you into a contract. Instead, we work with all of our clients on a month to month basis. We are always focused on increasing your revenue so that you have a great reason to keep us around. If you find that we are not helping your business grow and bring in more clients you are able to cancel our services at anytime. So what do you have to lose?

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