Monday, November 20

What is the Income Empowerment Movement?

What’s up Young Boss,

Have you ever heard the phrase “You are as rich or poor as the 5 people closest to you?” This statement is very true. When studying very successful entrepreneurs that all say that you must surround yourself with people are smarter than you and more successful than you.

As a first-generation entrepreneur, although we may not have grown up with business mentors in our family, it is now our duty to search for entrepreneurs that inspire us and will teach us the game of life and business. As you grow and learn from different mentors, you should also be looking for new mentors to take you to the next level of your development. This process never ends, until you either die, you no longer desire to grow, or you run out of people to learn from. Death will come sooner or later but the last two should never happen to a Young Boss.

Because mentorship is so vital to your success, Young Boss Economic Club is organizing Income Empowerment Sessions in New York City. We will bring in successful business owners to speak with groups of first -generation entrepreneurs and answer questions about their business and lessons that they’ve learned.

Our first Income Empowerment Session will take place on June 27, 2017, @ 4 pm at the We Work Harlem (8 W 126th Street, NY NY). Please RSVP to reserve your seat today.

Young Boss Forever: Income Empowerment Session


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